Tandoori Chicken (1.2kg) دجاجة تندوري

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Our Tandoori Whole Chicken Halal, Grade A Is A Crowd Pleaser! It’s Made With Our Finest Chicken, Tomato Puree, Onions, Coconut Milk, And All The Essential Spices. It Will Surely Keep You And Your Loved Ones Happily Full!

1.2 To 1.3Kg

Storing Method


How To Prepare?

Pre-Heat The Oven For 5 Min Then Put The Chicken In The Oven For 30 Minutes At 205 C


Chicken,Ginger,Garlic,Yogurt,Paprika,Gramasala,Turmeric,Cumin,Green Coriander,Oil, Black Pepper

فراخ ,جنزبيل, ثوم, زبادي, بابريكا,جراماصلا, كركم , كمون, كزبرة خضراء, فلفل أسود, زيت,