Spicy Feta Cheese With Tomato (500gm) جبنة فيتا سبايسي مع الطماطم

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Our Irresistible Spicy Feta Cheese With Tomato Dip Is Like No Other! This Delicious Dip Is Made With Our Premium Spicy Feta Cheese Mixed With Our Fresh Tomatoes. The Spice Lovers Will Get A Kick Out Of The Red Pepper Taste. Fresh And Yummy!


Storing Method


How To Prepare?

Enjoy It As A Dip For Your Gatherings Or With Your Oriental Breakfast - Recommended With Eddy's Kitchen Focaccia Or Crackers


Feta Cheese, Chili Powder, Tomato, Olive Oil, Thyme, Hot Sauce

جبن فيتا , شطة بودر , طماطم , زيت زيتون , زعتر , هوت صوص