Seafood Marinara (500gm) صوص المارينارا

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Enjoy The Pan Seared Flavor Of Fresh Calamari, Mussels And Shrimp That Is Added To Our Tomato Sauce Which Will Enhance Your Pasta Experience.


Storing Method


How To Prepare?

Simply Heat The Sauce And Add It To Your Pasta, Or Simultaneously Heat With Your Pasta.


White Onion, Olive Oil, Basil, Shrimp ,Calamari ,Mussels , Thyme ,Crushed Pepper, Tomato Paste, Tomato, Garlic

بصل أبيض, زيت زيتون, ريحان, جمبري, كاليماري, باح البحر, زعتر, فلفل مجروش, صلصة طماطم, طماطم, ثوم