Pizza Quattro Formaggi بيتزا أربع أنواع جبن

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Our Quattro Formaggi Pizza Is Made With Our Homemade & Fresh Tomato Basil, Topped With A Combination Of Four Kinds Of Melted Cheese. Truly Surprises And Delights The Taste-Buds!

28cm - 8 Slices - Ready To Heat

Storing Method


How To Prepare?

Pre-Heat The Oven At 200 Degree & Then Place Your Pizza For 10 Minutes.


Pizza Dough,Mozzarella,Pizza Sauce,Dried Oregano,Grogonzola Cheese,Cheddar Cheese , Creamy Cheese

عجينة البيتزا, جبن الموتزاريلا, صوص البيتزا, توابل مجففة, جبنة غورغونزولا, جبن شيدر, جبن كريمي