Osso Bucco (250gm) اسو بوكو

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The Delicious Osso Buco Is Like No Other! It’s Super Yummy Made With Our Finest Thick Veal Shanks, Fresh Vegetables, All Soaked In Our Premium Delicious Tomato Paste. This Bucket Will Keep You Full And Is Ready To Eat In No Time! All Fresh And Natural.

250gm - Ready To Heat

Storing Method

Frozen-Ready To Heat

How To Prepare?

Defrost And Heat Before Serving, Best Served With White Rice Or Mashed Potatoes


Osso Bucco, Celery, Carrot , Fresh Tomato ,Rose Marry, Garlic ,Red Vinegar ,Beef Stock

اسوبوكو,كرفس,جزر,طماطم فريش,روزماري,ثوم, خل العنب, بيون لحم