Lemon &Garlic Chicken (1.2kg) دجاجة بالليمون و الثوم

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Our Lemon & Garlic Whole Chicken Is A Crowd Pleaser! It’s Made With Our Finest Chicken Mixed With Our Authentic Spices. It Will Surely Keep You And Your Loved Ones Happily Full!

1.2kg - Ready To Cook

Storing Method


How To Prepare?

Pre-Heat The Oven For 5 Minutes Then Put The Chicken In The Oven For 30-45 Minutes At 205 C


Pickled Lemon,Garlic,Fresh Thyme,Oil,Nutmeg,Lemon,Black Pepper

ليمون مخلل, ثوم, زيت, فلفل أسود, ليمون جوز الطيب,زعتر فريش