Bagel Cheese Bread (2)باجيل جبنة

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Originating In Poland's Communities, Yeasted Wheat Dough Is Shaped By Hand Into A Ring, That Is Then Boiled In Water For A Short Amount Of Time Then Baked. A Very Versatile Bread Option That Can Be Used With Sweet Or Savory Fillings.


How To Prepare?

Bagels Make The Perfect Breakfast That You Can Get Creative With, You Can Use Each Half After Slicing With Different Creations Or Make A Sandwich With It. Here Are Some Options ; (Cinnamon Cream Cheese + Apple.) (Smoked Salmon + Cream Cheese + Dill.) (Egg + Cheese. Tomato + Onion + Cream Cheese + Avocado.) (Marinara + Chicken + Mozzarella.) (Peanut Butter + Jelly.)