Stuffed Cabbage (1kg) محشي كرنب

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Enjoy Our Award-Winning Hand-Crafted Yummy Stuffed Cabbage Made With Our Premium Rice, Herbs, And Spices. All Natural And Delicious! No Added Preservatives.

1kg - Ready To Cook

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How To Prepare?

To Prepare This Dish You Will Need A Small Sized Pot. You Will Begin By Placing A Bed Of Sliced Carrots And Onions, Then Proceed By Arranging Your Stuffed Cabage In An Orderly Fashion In Multiple Layers. Preheat Any Of Eddy's Ready To Go Stock Options (Vegtable, Beef Or Chicken) And Add It Just Untill The Surface Of The Last Layer Is Covered. Bring To A Boil Then Leave On Low Heat For 30-40 Mins, Insure That The Pot Stays Covered During This Process.


Rice,Tomato,Dill,Coriander,Black Pepper, Cabbage

كرنب , كزبرة ,أرز, شبت, فلفل أسود