Oriental Mombar (800gm) ممبار شرقي

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Our Irresistibly Delicious Homemade Mombar Infused With Our Premium Rice, Herbs, And All The Needed Spices. Made From Scratch In Our Kitchen With All The Fresh And Natural Ingredients! Deep Fry And Eat.


Storing Method


How To Prepare?

Defrost , Then Pre-Heat The Frying Pan , When It Starts To Sizzle Put The Mombar In The Frying Pan And Leave It Till It Takes A Nice Golden Crisp


Rice,Onions.Vegetables,Tomato Sauce,Cumin,Nutmeg,Chilipowder,Blackpepper,Coriander

أرز, بصل, خضار, صلصة طماطم, كمون, جوزة الطيب, شطة بودر, فلفل أسود, كزبرة